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Hanna Remes

Hanna Remes (b. 1973 in Kemi) got Master’s degree in Music from Sibelius Academy (Church Music Department) in March 2001, specializing in singing and choir conducting. Hanna Remes continued her studies under the instruction of Matti Hyökki and got her Diploma in Choir Conducting in March 2004 with excellent grade. In Sibelius Academy she graduated also from the faculty of Choir and Orchestral Conducting in June 2006 majoring in Choir Conducting.

In 1996 Remes graduated in music pedagogy form the Conservatory of Central Finland in Jyväskylä, majoring in piano playing. She has been conducting the mixed choir Helsingin Laulu since 1998 and the mixed choir Kilven Kuoro since autumn 2000. In 2002 she founded the Chamber Choir SonorEnsemble.

Hanna Remes works as Executive Director in Finnish Church Music Association and as organist in the Bishopric Chapter of Helsinki. Remes is the Producer of the Children's Church Music festival. She teaches piano playing in the Finnish Chorus Institute.

Hanna Remes is the Artistic Director of the Music Board of the Mixed Choirs of Sulasol (the Association of choirs and orchestras in Finland).


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